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Hank Kunneman Gives Prophetic Update For 2021

I have really become a big fan of Hank Kunneman.

I only recently learned of him.

Fan probably isn’t the right word, more like great respect and curiosity about what he is going to bring us next!

I recently came across this video which I found absolutely captivating.

It’s only about 12 minutes long and was published in October, just before the election.

Listen as he gives his prophetic vision for what will be coming in 2021.

I love the part about a “January of Justice”.

It’s coming folks.

Hank was one of the MANY prophets who all said Trump would win.

Then after the election he has doubled down along with all the others and not backed off his word one inch.

He continues to say Trump won and all will be exposed.

Certainly it seems like Trump would have to win for almost any of this prophetic vision to come to pass in 2021.

Please enjoy:



And after you’ve watched that, here is one more.

This is one of my favorites.

I’ve watched it multiple times.

This is prophetic worship.

This is war in the spiritual realm.

Please join in with us as we wage war with worship: