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TERRELL: Obama ‘using racism’ to ‘justify his failure’

“They don’t ever want to repair the issues that are in black America because they want them as a permanent voting block”

Leo Terrell and Candace Owens, an absolute dream team, appeared on Hannity Thursday to discuss the twisted narrative surrounding the Obama administration and the Democratic party.

“Barack Obama became the president of the United States because white Americans supported him,” Owens said.

“Rather than show some unity, rather than show some respect for this country that gave him literally everything he has, he turned his back on that country and he said look at this despicable country, it’s broken,” she continued.

“He is the first president that has ever…come out of the White House hating this country.”

Terrell, a lifelong Democrat who has shown an outpouring of support for President Trump and his accomplishments, blasted the former president for his failures within the black community.

“It’s a classic situation of identity politics,” Terrell said.

“Here is a man who is now blaming his failure for 8 years based on racism. Let’s look at what happened during his 8 years. Black lives matter came about, black on black crime increased, black poverty rate increased. This is a man who is now using racism as a basis to justify his failure and he’s playing the race card. And you know what? He’s right about one thing. It did give Donald Trump the rise because Donald Trump asked black Americans, ‘what do you have to lose? You just had 8 years of Barack Obama, nothing happened, give me a chance.”

“In those 3 andd a half years, those 4 years of Donald J. Trump, he’s done more than the 8 years of Obama and Biden and that’s what frustrates Barack Obama,” he added.

Owens also blasted the Democrat party, saying they see black Americans as “a means to an end.”

“They don’t ever want to repair the issues that are in black America because they want them as a permanent voting block,” she said. “[Trump] increased his support among black women, he doubled it, and he garnered 18 percent of the black male vote,” she continued.

Despite the ongoing, and frankly false, rhetoric that Donald Trump is a racist, she begged perhaps the most valid question: “Do you think they could have the humility to pause for a minute and say, ‘you know what?…Maybe it’s not because 73 million people in America are racist. Maybe it’s because we are getting something wrong.’”

Maybe, she urged, Donald Trump is just an “effective and good leader who tells the truth and doesn’t run on identity politics.”