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MUST READ: ‘The Sleight of Hand Election of 2020’

A fascinating breakdown of the 2020 election published by the California Globe shows how the national voting system and local races “defied the laws of mathematics, statistics, and gravity.”

“I’m no magician but I know a couple of great ones, including my broker, who is famous in both professions (welcome to LA), but I doubt even my friend Stan can pull off the sort of trick I saw taking place at, oh, 2:00 in the morning of November 4th as I was watching the live feeds from Michigan and Pennsylvania roll in,” writes Craig Keshishian.

“I’m pretty good at counting votes before and after an election. Did it for Presidents and Prime Ministers, Senators and Governors as a pollster and strategist, so watching returns, doing the splits, figuring out the precincts that come in favorably for your guy or girl versus the ones that don’t,

all come second nature to me. Mostly because I’ve been doing it for forty years, and when I’m not counting votes, I’m counting cards ( that’s another article). So when you see – in the middle of the night – a “dump” of votes of about 28,000 come in for one candidate, Joe Biden, and NOT one single offsetting vote for Trump, then it raises more than just my eyebrow,” adds the author.

“My late father always told me that the truth “will out.” I believed him then as I do today. By the way, Diebold voting systems division was acquired by

Dominion Voting Systems, which is at the eye of this current voting hurricane scandal. What our friends from both parties need to do pronto, is a complete forensic audit of these systems, for these machines and the nefarious actors behind them may have warped the integrity of this election, and surely have shaken the voters’ confidence in our democratic republic,” he concludes.