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Scott Adams: Even with Coronavirus, Bernie and Biden Will Lose to Trump

Neither Joe Biden nor Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will defeat President Donald Trump in 2020’s presidential election, despite Democrat attempts to politically capitalize on the coronavirus outbreak, Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip and author of Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America, predicted on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Sunday.

Addressing the Democrat race for a presidential nominee and the forthcoming general election, special guest host Joel Pollak invited Adams’ assessment of the primary contest between Biden and Sanders.

“I think it’s gonna be a little bit of changing leads [between Biden and Sanders] for a while until Trump beats whoever wins because the media likes a horse race,” Adams replied, adding, “[The media] are going to prop up whoever is slightly behind.”

Adams continued, “I would be surprised if Bernie doesn’t have some kind of a pop — some kind of a good week coming up — just to make it interesting. So I think it’s gonna change leads, and it might be exciting right down to the final moment.”

Sanders’ appeal is too narrow among Democrats to afford the Vermont senator any likelihood of being elected president, estimated Adams.

“Bernie’s problem can be expressed this way: He’ll get basically zero Republicans to vote for him,” Adam remarked. “[Bernie Sanders] will get anybody who thinks they can benefit from his policies to vote for him, and a few people are just nice, who are Democrats who say, ‘Well, even though it’ll cost me money, I would like people to have health care.’”

Adams continued, “There’s got to be –just off the top of my head — there’s got to be a solid 25 percent of Democrats who just say, ‘You know, I kind of work for my money. Can I keep it?’ I think that’s all it takes for a landslide. So I think that solid — I’ll just put a number on it — 25 percent of Democrats would realize that it’s not their best interest [to vote for Bernie Sanders].”

Current economic circumstances disadvantage Sanders, determined Adams.

“You don’t want to change a system that’s working,” Adam said. “Now, if you were to subtract coronavirus, you would see a system that is working better than the economy’s ever worked. It’s the best economy of all time, and it’s irrational to change things when they’re working that well, even if they’re not perfect. So you don’t tear it down and start from scratch in that situation, and you can depend on a solid 25 percent of Democrats saying, ‘You know, it just doesn’t make sense, the size and the risk for the reward that’s in front of us.’”

Adams added, “So that makes Bernie, I think, completely impossible to get elected.”

Adams attributed Biden’s frequent misstatements to deteriorating cognition.

“Biden’s problem — of course, it’s obvious — is his declining mental state,” Adams stated. “The thing I predicted is that we’d have a Joe Biden … get the nomination and that he picks — to bolster his campaign — somebody younger, ideally female, [a] person of color, and Kamala [Harris] kind of stands out as the obvious one there, but wouldn’t that make her — at least in the, in the eyes of the voters, if not in reality — sort of a shadow president?”

Biden selecting Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as a running mate would make the California senator appear to be “somebody who’s the power behind the throne and whoever people think is backing Harris, whichever Democrats or billionaires or donors,” he stated, adding, “It’s going to look like they’re in charge just because Biden’s going to look like a weak candidate mentally.”

Pollak asked if the coronavirus outbreak could cost Trump the election.

Adams responded, “If you were going to bet on it, you’d bet no because people understand that [Donald Trump] didn’t cause the coronavirus, and he did close the airports.”

Adams concluded, “I think you’ll fairly rapidly see that we’ll get some kind of a control on it, which doesn’t mean we stop the virus. It just means we don’t get overloaded. We figure out a way to keep the economy at least maintaining until we can get past it.”